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Meet Laura DennisonHi, I'm Laura Ripoll Dennison, and we provide consultation and representation in various areas, including:

  • personal injury and wrongful death claims;
  • litigation and settlement strategies.
  • general counsel and advice;
  • contracts and negotiations;
  • wills, trusts, and other personal planning;
  • marital agreements, dissolution and custody planning, collaborative divorces;
  • fee disputes and expert witness testimony;

I'm admitted to practice law in Florida and Ohio, along with various Federal districts. My husband John (pictured also) was my partner in our former firm of Dennison & Dennison, P.A., but he is now retired while he recuperates from an extended illness.

We often co-counsel with and/or refer cases to expert attorneys around the United States (and globe). So if your matter involves another jurisdiction or something outside our expertise, give us a call. We just may be able to help you there as well.

Call or email us to see if our 30+ years of experience (each) can provide you with the insight and expertise you need.

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