Once in a while you find that diamond in the rough. You know the kind; that one where you want to hide it, buff it out and keep it for yourself. Man, if only you could do that with people, but then, if we did; the world would never progress. Fortunately for us, someone has taken the time necessary to buff up John and present him to the rest of us.

The world is now significantly a better place than it was before. John’s brilliance in law coupled with his compassion for peace has bought light to many of us that were in the dark. His concise language and direct approach to the world allows one to focus on the solution at hand rather than being confused with all the peripheral garbage surrounding the issues.

Our society is changing, perhaps faster than any of us want to admit. John brings sense to the change so that we are lost in the past. His unique insight to what is going on around us changes the way we look at things. New solutions arise out of the rumble as we now move toward a more peace filled world. By shedding this light, John has empowered people to start controlling their own lives and live in peace and harmony with the world around them.

It is always a pleasure to hear John talk. There are very few people in the world that can take the logical approach and present the emotional arguments behind them. If there was ever a persuasive technique to use in order to get people to take action, this would be it. John exudes the combination with ease making him a natural born leader (even if he doesn’t admit it).

~ Jim Kearney